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Lunatic Luscious

Freelance illustrator and part time manga tutor
Full-fledged fujoshi,occasional cosplayer
A Kamen Rider fangirl who also happened to love playing TERA Online and C9.

Might contain NSFW and homo stuff

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I just love screencaping Elesis nowadays,he’s indeed more to a cute side than my other Castanics IMO :3


wipppp lunaticluscious

eeeeh it’s pretty niceeee xD

What I got on my mailbox today o)-)

Artbook from Stellar-Labs studio,Cosmic Latte and Takatora Kureshima sketch as I was one of the 1st 100 who pre-order the book :3

here comes another book to be added on my artbooks collection :3


"I’ll do it over, no matter how many times it takes"


The only yuri couple that I really ship *-*

I almost choked when I saw this character when I played Elesis yesterday…

Next time I should make a character with ORAORAORAORA as his name… or maybe Star Platinum…hmmm

I forgot I was once made this character on Lake of Tears ages ago if it’s not tabe-chan asking me yesterday and I haven’t even touched him until nao ._.

besides those on CH…all the characters that I had still remained untouched o<-<

Cain and Naiiren having a competition over who has the better (worst) pick up lines makes my life

Huahahaha the competition should be done ASAP x’D

"They say Kamaris likes to surround himself with beautiful things."

Dat empty feeling when a good series had ended… 

I need more Kamen Rider Gaim but the series had ended beautifully that I don’t it disturbed o<-<

Anyway,Terra Formars anime had started,I hope it won’t be disappointing~

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